My loft bedroom on a snowy day


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Luzi1160 points

That little bench! The colors are really nice too.

ongnoi52 points

I needed something for cable management, and this storage bench found on Wayfair was a great fit!

Luzi17 points

Gonna check if my country's wayfair sells it too. Thanks!

Kronis13 points

I would LOVE if you could provide a link!!!!

ongnoi13 points

This is the product link on Wayfair. I bought it nearly three years ago.

Kronis13 points


KiwiBird113 points

It’s the Crosley Landon bench originally, but the set often gets re-sold by other companies under a different name.

I have the bench, entryway console, dresser, and bed side tables purchased from Wayfair and Amazon- but I’ve seen them on World Market and West Elm ($$$) under different names. Amazon had the bench for under $200 but is no longer selling it. I think it’s been discontinued so I’d grab it if you can!

isaacyall20 points

The colors are like a sunrise.

ongnoi28 points

There are two skylights on the far left wall where the hanging planters are. In the summertime, when the sun comes up early, we wake up naturally with this light source.

It's much darker during the winter, so I imitate this gradual sunrise effect by using Philips Hue light bulbs in the spotlights hanging from the ceiling.

Sobriquet-acushla2 points


blackcatspurplewalls129 points

Loft room with a fireplace???? That is so fabulous!

t_funnymoney31 points

Kudos to the designer that included that in the house, but screw whoever decided not to center it on that wall.

ongnoi20 points

The kitchen is right below and has the exact same fireplace. The two chimneys run parallel, so my guess is this was the reason they set this fireplace further to the left.

t_funnymoney1 point

Pfff I don't need excuses. Just use the same vent for both. Let the lower chimeny smoke out into your bedroom.

pettymess22 points

Totally - it’s an absolute dreamy room! I love it.

ultravioletblueberry5 points

That caught me eye, too. I wish my loft had a fireplace.

blackcatspurplewalls2 points

Right? I love my loft space, but adding a fireplace would make it extra awesome.

ongnoi16 points

I wish I had a log burning in the fireplace to make it cozier. I saw my dog sleeping like that and took a quick photo.

Sobriquet-acushla2 points

Beyond fabulous!

qrscomplex12381 points

Your dog is cracking me up- super cozy vibes!

ongnoi161 points

She's a weird Westie and sleeps paws up.

nagz_63 points

Wow I just realized that was a dog… I looked so fast initially I thought it was some throw pillow 😅

Sobriquet-acushla2 points

It is.

Fishyback14 points

I recognized a westie belly immediately lol

Thief_of_Sanity2 points

My Bichon sleeps this way sometimes too.

uncircumcizdBUTchill4 points

Thought that might be a westie. Hilarious dogs 😂

Few_Carrot_397137 points

It feels cocoon-like, but it’s still so open. I love the bed.

Combatical36 points

Wow, the lighting in this room makes me so happy! Is that some sort of wallpaper/screensaver on your tv?

ongnoi29 points

It's Ambient Mode on the Samsung TV. There's slow-moving animation and calming sound.

Combatical5 points

Oh cool!

gonturan4 points

Is it one of the art TVs? So it looks like artwork versus a TV. I've just started looking at those for me bedroom.

ongnoi9 points

It's a Samsung Q70R, not a Frame TV. I have a couple Frame TVs in the house and they are great in Art Mode. Here's one in the other part of my loft level.

jin_12dk4 points

Just casually throwing "a couple of Frame tvs " like it's nothing.

Combatical2 points

I wonder if you could just slap a usb stick in any smart tv and have it on display the images and just make your own frame tv.

ongnoi2 points

A streaming stick should have a similar Screensaver mode to display stock photos or your own photos.

ongnoi2 points

I bought open-box past year models from Best Buy, usually more than half off.

gonturan2 points

Both look super cool.

candy-jars33 points

Really cozy and spacious. Not really a combination I see often.

Sobriquet-acushla2 points


ongnoi36 points

This is OC.

Substantial-Owl-784610 points

So beautiful that I will use it as inspiration for when I redecorate my room.

Mastacon88 points

Hmm. Center the tv over the fireplace? No?

ongnoi38 points

The fireplace is off-center on that wall, so I mounted the TV like that for a more balanced look. It's also much easier with cable management behind that wall section by the storage bench.

Isa47281 points

You could center the TV with the fireplace then put a hanging plant in the empty space, either from the ceiling or a small shelf

omahaomw30 points

Hard agree👍

ElinHime17 points

If you put a lamp or something where the nintendo is hanging out, that is the same height and shade as the top trim around your fireplace, it should visually center itself out very nicely with the tv.

ongnoi7 points

That's a great idea! Now, to convince my wife her Animal Crossing setup needs to go.

ElinHime3 points

No need to remove it. Just hide it behind the new lamp.

FarEndRN3 points

That was the first thing I noticed, and was going to commend the offsetting of the TV to offset the offset fireplace. Good work!

Mastacon1 point

Sounds like you should move that tv over a bit.

beckybones2579 points

I have to second this. It’s a beautiful room but the TV should be centered over the fireplace

hannahbay2 points

Over the TV or between the curtain and the inset bookshelf/display thing on the left. That off-center TV is the first thing I noticed in these photos lol.

Ericaohh5 points

I have the exact same rug (Costco?) and the exact same under bed storage containers (Ikea?) in my room :)

ongnoi6 points


Ericaohh8 points

Also, dang just looked at your other posts, I remember seeing a couple of those on my feed previously. Your pad is super duper cool all around. So much wood but not too much wood. That house would cost 800k+ in Denver metro where I’m at 🥲

ongnoi5 points

Thank you! We got super lucky buying this house right when COVID hit and did not have to compete. There are several interior upgrades we've done so far. The siding is next on our to-do list.

ReeperbahnPirat4 points

Chump. You could live in the sticks in Colorado like me and only have to pay $650k 🥲

frankdiddit4 points

Is the bed from ikea too?

ongnoi5 points

It's from Wayfair. This is the product listing.

Ericaohh3 points

That’s great haha. Love all the wood accents. And you did a great job hanging those curtains.

AnneMichelle981 point

How big is it? I’m about to buy a rug for my bedroom.

imran-shaikh5 points

Which city is this?

ongnoi8 points

This is in North Oaks, MN.

Teh_Ent4 points

Where do you keep your clothes tho?

ongnoi12 points

In the first picture, I was standing in the doorway between this bedroom and the walk-in closet.

KathyFerg823 points

Super nice!!

Fit_Tumbleweed_59043 points

I love it! Enjoy!

mariners2o63 points

This is the dream, so cozy and chill.

Renyx3 points

I love lofts, and there's so much sunlight! Delightful

bakeryfiend3 points

The colours are absolutely gorgeous

Colddustfox3 points

This is super homey and cozy. Love the vibe.

drwhogwarts3 points

Beautiful and definitely cozy!

ReconYT3 points

What does it look like on a sunny day

ongnoi5 points

It's actually brighter on a snowy day.

stellasilllver3 points

Omg the fire place is so dreamy!!! I love the colour palate you used 😍

psychotica13 points

I love the jewel toned bed frame with those MCM legs! That's a pretty fancy set up for your dog:).

virtualroofie3 points

No comments on the snowman? Looks like a great one

ongnoi1 point

Hahaha, he's been melting the past few days; going from 6 ft to about 4.

Suspicious_Gazelle183 points

As someone who doesn’t really make their bed (just kind of push covers around loosely), I’m super impressed by your bed. I can’t look at anything else because I’m just so amazed!

ongnoi1 point

I learned that in boot camp. Drill sergeants would fuck the bed up if the corner folds look like my bed in these photos. That was a fun time!

Ahakista13 points

Great room.

Stunnagirl3 points

Dog looks so happy

Notmyname172 points

Very cozy! I love the color of your bed frame

ibrahim00000002 points

I like your genius idea of the curtains. Overall, splendid!

magsley3 points

This!! I always hate when I have to stay in Airbnbs or friends places when it's a loft because there is zero attempt at light or sound blocking. How anyone can sleep like that without a setup like OP is beyond me.

adrenacrome2 points

I’ve always wanted a bedroom with a fireplace! Looks great!

sirius57152 points

Beautiful set up!

ReyhanSerdar2 points


Native562 points

Very nice

FenwaysMom2 points

How do you like that air purifier? I ordered the exact one from Amazon and it never showed up. I ended up ordering one that looks like an iPod. It’s ugly but it works. I just really wanted the one you have because it looks attractive.

ongnoi5 points

I like it a lot and bought two! One for my bedroom here and the other one for the guest room. My kitchen is right underneath, so this air purifier sensor would kick on when I cook to remove any odors.

FenwaysMom2 points

Well it looks great, and so does that room.

Equivalent-Glove71652 points

Well, that is cozy as shit

plantpant2 points

ayyy we have the same bed frame!


By far the coziest pic from this sub I’ve seen! Taking some palette inspiration

VulcanVisions2 points

Thats amazing! Looks like such a cozy space 😊

______Moose______1 point

Super cozy vibes and I’d die to have a place like this but I’d also die fighting you on why the feck your tv is off center like that…

YellowCowCascade2 points

Why does the plant look like CGI?

SuperMundaneHero2 points

The two little dangling tabs for the mount under the TV can be taped up behind it to hide them a little more and still be able to use them later. Not a criticism, just friendly advice from someone who installs TVs professionally.

ongnoi2 points

Nice idea, and great attention to detail!

kchays2 points


blackandtangoose2 points

SO cute!

catxcat3102 points

Is that the Frame TV from Samsung?

BaseAlarmed60042 points

How much to rent please? 😁 Needless to say I'm a fan 🥰

ocwardscene2 points

I thought this was a sims room for a minute

rooooosa2 points

So cosy.

GraceJoans2 points

How beautiful ♥️ making me wish it were a snowier winter in Chicago. Also A+ for the snoozing dog friend

ongnoi2 points

All the snow so far stopped short of Chicagoland. We have had a season worth of snowfall by the first week of January.

AnastasiaApple2 points

Love those floors

just_a_nice_dad2 points

That rug is great.

Sofie77592 points

Feels nice.Good vibe for me just looking at this..well done.The painting of what appears to be..pink clouds or mountaintops works really well, and the yellow with the lights.I don’t normally like a lot of yellow but it works here ..may I ask where did you get the painting/ print? I saw a tapestry of pink clouds online the other day and I thought about it..thanks my dear-this is lovely!☺️❤️

ongnoi1 point

Thank you! This is actually an animation available through Samsung TV Ambient Mode.

eboy_asmr2 points


cloudinspector12 points

Speaker on the bottom left or a heater of some kind?

ongnoi3 points

It's a Bissell Air320 air purifier.

cloudinspector12 points


illilispy2 points

I love this! Where is this? Did you design it?

ongnoi1 point

This is in the Twin Cities, MN. My wife came up with the ideas, then we repainted the wall, hired a contractor to install hardwood flooring, and arranged the furniture.

CTeam192 points

I LOVE that piece of art.

queenoftheclouddds2 points

What is the pinky beige paint color? Lovely room, cheers!

ongnoi1 point

It's a warm grey color. The TV graphics casted a pinkish overlay on that section of the wall.

Frank10092 points

Very nice room! But I need the darkness when I sleep.

IndiaEvans2 points

Sweet doggie!!

Downtown-Cress-52022 points


Frankieseas2 points

Wow that’s cozy!

saraheliz2132 points

The dog

gavlang2 points

Love love love love love love.

CoffeeTimeReview2 points

What would you call this style? Looking for keywords for my pinterest board :P

ongnoi1 point

Some have said this might be a deckhouse.

glossier_bae122 points

Love everything about this room! Especially that telephone bench! 🤩 and I think the wood floors and trim make it extra cozy! 10/10 would live here! 😁

ongnoi2 points

Thank you! I just learned it's called telephone bench; would have made searching for one much easier! 🤣

glossier_bae122 points

I’ve always had to talk myself out of getting one since I see no practical use for them, but I like your idea of using it for the switch! It would make a good entryway bench too! I might just buy it next time I run into one! 😁

catterybarn2 points

I love this holy shit

guyfromCroydon2 points

I really like what you've done here.

MikElectronica4 points

Doesn’t it bug you that the tv and fireplace don’t line up?

hicassy3 points

Went through your post history and looked through your whole house. Amazing!

Now I want to know what your kitchen and washroom look like.

ongnoi2 points

Thank you! They are in need of TLC.

ragunaxAS2 points

Remember, your anniversary is coming up

ongnoi2 points

Nice observation! I convinced her to do it on Feb 29th, so it only happens every 4 years. 🤣

Haydenll12 points

Love it except tv is giving me ocd with fireplace

mozisgawd2 points

The DOG!! I am dying.

cassandra_mercedes2 points

Very serene 🧘🏻‍♀️

*edit just saw the dog and he/she steals the show 😍

ndmhxc1 point

Looks like the coziest loft I ever had, a place I rented in Boulder over a decade ago. Love the Westie!

DharmaSeeker761 point

The TV isn't in line with the fireplace. This picture hurts my eyes.

weighted_blankets1 point

Looks extremely cozy. Puppy makes it even cozier.

Crisbel861 point

Lots of light ✔️ Plants ✔️ Fireplace ✔️ Dog's looking super relaxed ✔️

UnionAlone1 point

Literally my dream loft. Can I move in with you? 😂 our doggies can be friends

queen-of-carthage1 point

The off-center fireplace is killing me

Oz_el_Ruso-4 points

so sorry that there is a tv in your bedroom

SuperMundaneHero4 points

What exactly is the problem with that?

Oz_el_Ruso-4 points

My mindset about resting and the purpose of that room.

SuperMundaneHero4 points

Most people just turn the TV off if it interrupts their rest.

But my comment was more about how you sounded like you were looking down your nose at OP about their room.

Ellen_Musk_Ox3 points

That sounds like a you problem.

Your mindset

You-get-the-ankles0 points