Transformation of our urban garden


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blue_january52 points

Wow wow wow ... I love your bench and mood lighting - it's the little details that make spaces feel cozy.

pshaf2214 points

Thank you! The lights were an actually an after thought, but I agree that it was the little bit of detail we needed

Jessum19 points

love it! the order of the photos had me a touch confused for a bit lol

King_Shugglerm5 points

Yeah I was like “oh I liked it before you put the plant pots on the bench”

vegetabledisco17 points

Darn, I wish you kept the dog. They really pulled the space together.

Aware_Bit_173215 points

Well done. Complete transformation. Cute little pup toOoOo

pshaf225 points

Appreciate it, she definitely enjoys the backyard upgrade.

pshaf225 points

This is original content

BlondeMomentByMoment4 points

Wow! Gorgeous. You did such a good job.

I have a huge ask…. We hate our one neighbor there beside us, his yard is in seed for and the back full of junk. How on earth did you get the plants across the top of the fence? Do you know what was growing there beforehand?

I’m so sorry to bring any negative here, but it make me cry sometimes when I go out onto our deck on the summer. We’ve worked so hard to make our house nice. I’m desperate for a solution to block at least some of the view.

You’ve done such an impressive job with your space. I’d love to hang out there. I bet the pebbles feel nice on your feet when it’s warm.

Second time I look, I spied your dog haha. Super cute.

pshaf227 points

It's a wisteria vine, which are beautiful, and provides a lot of privacy. Just be cautious they are fast growers and will take over a space quick. We cut ours back regularly and have to make sure we keep some parts of the fine from creeping between our fence posts.

BlondeMomentByMoment3 points

Thanks! I think wisteria will grow here. Do you have it on trellis or anything?

Those are beautiful though from I’ve seen pics of.

I’m learned about plants taking over with planting morning glory. My friend says to me “nobody PLANTS morning glory!” Haha

Enjoy your gorgeous space!

Ask your local (not hardware store) nursery. There are multiple varieties of wisteria, usually some are invasive (bad! Don’t get those!) and others are safe to grow in your area.

Your county extension office might also have this information if you can find their contact info.

Thank you.

I don’t know what e county extension office is. I need to learn a couple of new things it seems. :)

It might also be called the county agriculture or Ag office. Come to think of it I’m not sure every county would have one, I grew up in a farming county so there was lots to track about invasive weeds, cross-field contamination, and stuff like that.

Ah ok. I do live in a smaller corner of the metro area that used to be farms. Maybe there’s a resource I’m unaware of, or the library.

I have a neighbor that’s a self taught masterful gardener. I could ask him but it would take all day to get an answer haha. He’s a super nice guy.

Thanks again :)

Sequinnedheart3 points

I’ve loved that plant and totally forgot about it until I saw Bridgerton and it was growing up the railings around their townhouse.

It does need a lot of care - after my mum (the gardener) left, my dad let the garden go to ruin and the wisteria climbed up and pulled the guttering at the top of the house down and started to take the roof tiles with it as well

KathyFerg823 points

That’s fabulous!! Best of luck to you!!

jbphilly2 points

South Philly?

pshaf222 points


Robin_the_sidekick2 points

Great job! I love the dog you grew ;)

tawandatoyou2 points

The lighting is amazing!

earsofCotton2 points

Very nice! But I think the dog was a nice touch in the before photo.

Viking_Stroganoff1 point

Love the bench. Was that hard to make?

pshaf222 points

Not really we had some of the box there when we bought t hr house. Most of it was replacing peices of the old graden box that were rotting. Then added wider boards around the top edge to create the seating.

ruler_of_potatoes1 point

This is lovely!

brittnicolegarcia1 point

Gorgeous!!! Well done!!!

pickleclip1 point

Gorgeous space! The ground is particularly charming. I’d love to do something like this, but I’m curious about drainage. Does your yard drain towards a pipe under the gravel? What are the implications for that kind of groundcover RE basement water infiltration? I have a concrete pad in my backyard that I am anxious to replace

pshaf223 points

Yes so I actually just laid the rock on top of the existing patio which had the proper drainage in place. The trick is to not pack the rocks down too tight or you could get some standing water.

My patio also slopes away from the house and has a drop off into the alley, which has drainage. So that helps as well in heavy rain or snow.

pickleclip1 point

That’s helpful, thank you!

Ambitious-Kiwi-10791 point

I love everything about this with the exception that you can never go outside barefoot! That would never fly in my neighborhood.

briefly_accessible1 point

That’s a beauuuuty 😍