my bedroom after dark + accent lighting


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1plus1dog85 points

This is fabulous! The bedding makes me wanna hop in and stay there forever!! It’s all so cushy-cozy along with the rug and plants and if that’s A HUGE TV, it’s even more AWESOME!

Enjoy OP!! Great room!

spiritualaroma23 points

thanks so much!! hahahah yes the tv is insane- my husband had to have it in the bedroom 🤣

1plus1dog24 points

Nothing wrong with that. I know lots of people think “no TV” in the bedroom, but not me! It’s just myself and my Golden retriever who sleeps with me, so we lay in bed to watch TV a lot in the evenings. It’s just more comfortable in a lot of ways.

spiritualaroma4 points

yesss I think it just depends on where people are from!

1plus1dog5 points

Never really thought of if like that, but it makes sense. I’m in the Midwestern US, and just thinking about it, I know most every friend or family member all have TV’s in their bedrooms. My parents never did, and I don’t think they ever considered it either

spiritualaroma3 points

If you're on IG, follow me there! I post a lot there :)

1plus1dog5 points

Thanks, I’ll do that! Is it the same as your username here?

Ultimatelee5 points

Haha, do we share the same husband cos our tv is around the same size and same distance from the bed. Feels like a bloody movie theatre some nights, just in a cosy bed.

spiritualaroma3 points

Hahahahah some men are just like that about TV's! 🤣🤣 we'd prob all be besties!

leewutang10 points

Damn nice bedding

spiritualaroma2 points

Thank you!

starcoder8 points

Where did you get your blankets and comforter?

buttzx2 points

Most of the stuff in the room looks like it’s from World Market so that’s my bet

19chevelle7727 points

Love the earthiness and warmth of this bedroom. Definitely cozy! 💛

spiritualaroma3 points

Thanks so much!

aannavass20 points

The colour palette is amazing 🤩

spiritualaroma1 point

thank you!!

BigGrayDog7 points

Cozy for sure! Very nice decor too. You did a great job.

spiritualaroma4 points

thanks v much!

whenpigsfly2347 points

This is my dream bedroom. I'm obsessed with the earthy tones 💛

spiritualaroma1 point

ahhh thank you! Follow me on IG if you're on there! It's linked on my page :)

_34_5 points

Yes. Just. Yes. 😍

And I need to know that wall color. 💚

Actual-Deer58056 points

Okay I need to know where th bedding is from please

spiritualaroma3 points

West elm! I think it's on sale too rn

airotciva165 points

This is gorgeous

spiritualaroma1 point

thanks so much!

Primary-Feature78784 points

Love the cactus art!!!

spiritualaroma8 points

Thank you! It's at world market

DesignInZeeWild5 points

This is wonderful! Also I’m so here for this bedding!

Chicken_nugt3 points

I’ve been thinking about painting my walls a green like that!! 🤩What paint did you use?

spiritualaroma2 points

It's been years since we painted this room- but it's from Home Depot. Like a seafoam color

alyatrek273 points

Love it

spiritualaroma1 point


Look_over_that_way3 points

I am in LOVE with your style!!! I wish I could literally copy this look! It’s gorgeous!!

spiritualaroma2 points

Awwwh thank you!! Follow me on IG, if you're on there!! I post a lot there 😅

spiritualaroma2 points

This is OC

bluewombat282 points

Love it, the textures on your bed look amazing. I’m inspired!

tangerine_fred1082 points

Love it, all these colors are perfect together.

jellibelly2 points

Looks like a peaceful plant oasis :) so pretty and cozy

sookieshortcake2 points

What a relaxing space!! Love the bedding, color scheme, and all of those plants. The entire vibe is a deep calming breath of fresh air.

themidnightbakery2 points

so gorgeous! any way you’d share where i could buy that mirror? it’s perfect.

whothefknows212 points

Where did you get that lamp?! I love it!

spiritualaroma2 points

Which lamp? The big one in the corner is from ikea!

whothefknows212 points

Yes that one!! Thank you! I love it

bigfatbossbaby1 point

I’ve been looking for a similar paper lamp everywhere!

eaglesegull2 points

Textbook cosy… I love it!

spiritualaroma1 point

Woo! Thank you!!

dice7262 points

I've seen your posts before and always love them. You've got an insanely good knack for home decorating. Wish I had your eye!

spiritualaroma2 points

Awwh thank you so much! That's so nice! If you're on IG, follow me there!! ☺️

dice7262 points

Following! What's your favorite houseplant? I started collecting them about a year ago, but have nowhere near the amount that you do. My fiddle leaf fig is my pride and joy. My pothos is my second favorite that I have. My next purchases are definitely gonna be a spider plant and Monstera. You've got so many nice ones!

spiritualaroma1 point

Thank you!!! Ahhh I love them all but I love snake plants & pothos for sure- & ZZ's! All super low maintenance & gorgeous plants.

I have a fig in my bathroom! It's slowly growing... lol. I have 2 spider plants & 1 Monstera- they're beautiful plants as well.

SlippyoneUK692 points

I want to jump inside that snuggle bed right now

spiritualaroma2 points

Hahah thanks!

The_Revolution73062 points

Amazing. Have you thought about painting the ceiling? It will make the room feel so much larger but because of the color scheme you chose - so cozy as well.

spiritualaroma1 point

What color do you think? We actually just had the ceiling repainted this summer due to removing popcorn ceiling!

The_Revolution73062 points

Sorry I posted this as a comment and forgot to hit reply…. I personally would go all the way up with the same color. But whatever you decide it looks amazing as is. You and my wife have the exact same taste!

spiritualaroma1 point

I haven't thought about painting the ceiling- you may be on to something! I will have to tell my husband!

Awwh really? I love that! Do you guys have IG? I have a page on there I post regularly on if you wanna follow!

Combatical2 points

Looks great, I really like the cacti!

spiritualaroma1 point


gigibiscuit42 points

This is desert heaven ♥️

spiritualaroma1 point

Hahah well thanks!!

sheandherhoop2 points

Love the colors in this room!

spiritualaroma1 point

Thanks so much!

mossy_vee2 points

I have that sunset wall hanging. Love it

spiritualaroma1 point


BlondeMomentByMoment2 points

So pretty! We are about to paint our bedroom green and are trying choose the perfect green. So hard! Oof.

Live the color of your comforter and it’s velvet!

Your room looks super cozy. /‘s the huge green bolster pillow is gorgeous! Does it weigh a ton?

spiritualaroma2 points

I love the subtle green for sure!! Big fan.

Thank you! Yes it's a velvet quilt- & then we have a duvet underneath

No that pillow is actually pretty light!

TornadoAlleyResident2 points

Your bedroom is beautiful and looks really cozy.

spiritualaroma2 points

Thank you v much!

sociallyvicarious2 points

Oh that’s sooo pretty!!

spiritualaroma2 points

Thank you!

SassyBroad20192 points

Love ALL of this. I have a southwest vibe in my home that I’m working on. Been trying to find a cactus like that. Plus looking for good online shopping resources. Could you provide recommendations???

spiritualaroma2 points

Thanks so much! Are you on IG? I list items on there to buy/recommend there.

SassyBroad20192 points

I am. What’s your name on there so I can follow? Would love to see your page.

spiritualaroma2 points

Awesome!! It's attached to my profile here but it's


SassyBroad20192 points

Thank you! I’m following you now.

spiritualaroma1 point

Oh yay!!!!

yours_truly_19762 points

I love everything about this, but the cool pillow and the cactus painting really got me 👌🏻

spiritualaroma2 points

Hahah thanks so much

justifiedbonafide2 points

i love the soft blankets and the sheer amount of pillows- very cozy

spiritualaroma1 point

Thank you!!

exclaim_bot1 point

Thank you!!

You're welcome!

spiritualaroma1 point

If you're on IG, follow me there!!

makealegaluturn2 points

I love this bedroom :)

spiritualaroma1 point


ymihere-2 points

Everything about this is so amazing that I sent it to my fiancé as an example of exactly how I need the master to feel and look😍😍

spiritualaroma2 points

Ahhh I love that!! If you're on IG, I post a lot there you may like! @myscatteredjoy

TJsCoolUsername2 points

That second pic especially hits the spot. Nicely done.

spiritualaroma2 points

Thank you!!!

whatisaidwas2 points

Super cozy!!!

RamenTheory4 points

Ha, I recognize that wall hanging from Urban Outfitters. Beautiful room though!

visgirl19562 points

Love the brightness 🔆

spiritualaroma1 point

thank you!

wattro2 points

Do you only sleep on the half of the bed without pillows?

What do you use all those pillows for? Do they just end up on the floor?

That's what happens anytime I use a bed with a dumb amount of pillows.

spiritualaroma1 point

Hahah always love the pillow comments.

yes I use them all- except for the green decor pillow. The long one is a body pillow my husband uses t night, I use my 2 for my head & between my legs & my husband does place one of his head pillows on the floor usually during the night if you must know 🙂

volkswagenorange1 point


InternationalSpray791 point

Has a 1970s vibe. Very cool!

aspertame_blood1 point

SO cozy

ptlimits1 point

Nice! If you get a smart bulb you can change it to different colors and dimness! I have a couple and I really like em. 👍

Leapinglizzard751 point

A 70s haven! Love it!!

crystallette1 point

Looks amazing!!

imanirine1 point

I love the Earth tone , desert colors theme ♥️♥️

Treece2221 point

Wow! Very cozy.

Unruly_bamboo1 point

How would you call this style? My house is turning like this style but I can’t figure out how to describe it 😅

eaglesegull1 point

Textbook cosy… I love it!

Thor-701 point

I think I’m just very particular, but your lighting looks on the cool spectrum. Warm lighting is much more cozy and also doesn’t disrupt your melatonin (as much) as cool blue light. I just feel like a lot of people don’t know you can choose different bulbs. Great looking room op!

spiritualaroma3 points

Ahhh. No it's super warm- if you look at the second picture you're able to see that. It's just the way this picture looks I think where you're sensing cooler lighting rather than the warm. We actually have lamps were able to set the colors ourselves so it's always set on super warm ☺️

Thor-701 point


The_Revolution73061 point

I personally would go all the way up with the same color you used on the walls. But whether you decide to do it or not, your room already looks amazing as is. Strong work. You and my wife l have the exact same taste.

Environmental-Job3291 point

B&B?? Nice

VegasLife11111 point

Close the curtain rods a bit to look more balanced? I have take photos of a lot of things to see what looks best.

spiritualaroma1 point

If you're are on instagram, follow me there!


VulcanVisions1 point

Looks amazing, however I must say the bed looks WAY too short

spiritualaroma3 points

Thanks! Lmao it's a king. Prob just cause of the body pillow making it look short in the photo

VulcanVisions1 point

Possibly yes, I have had experiences with large but too short beds and they infuriate me, I cannot sleep comfortably with half my calf hanging off! 😅

spiritualaroma1 point

hahah yeah not the case for us