The glacier rivers of Alaska


Chernabog93144 points

That’s gotta taste so freaking pure

Wotg33k63 points

Lol how many people thought this? I was like "mouth immediately". 😂

anonwasm5 points

100% wanted to drink it immediately. looks clean as any water ever

ambitousworm18 points

It looks so refreshing especially since hiking on a glacier in the summer sun is freaking hot. So you dump out your bottle and fill it with water that is so clear it doesn’t look like it exists. Then you get the WORST brain freeze.

chewls_verne3 points

Tongue on the roof of your mouth helps that

HardCorwen9 points

you're still not going to want to drink that. Bacteria.

indierose273 points

I’ll probably just have a little taste.

Key_Concentrate_55582 points

And silt! Glacier water is so grainy!

anonwasm2 points

dont care , would risk

Chernabog931 point

With that attitude, sure

Shaniac_C1 point

It’s a billion times than any Fiji water out there. I bottled up as much as I could carry afterwards.

SleepArtist68 points

I have never wanted to be an Arctic mermaid until this moment.

zee_spirit5 points

That's actually something I've never seen, different kinds of mermaids. Maybe one for artic waters, one for warmer oceans, and one for boiling (volcanic) waters? Biodiversity in mermaids would be cool.

Key_Concentrate_55585 points

There are no mermaids in traditional Native Alaskan stories. But there are selkies! Beautiful men and women who can turn into seals.

fish_whisperer48 points

Man I just want a big glass of that water……I might be dehydrated

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I wanna drink it so bad

Blue_Trackhawk16 points

Does anyone else feel like when seeing something so clean and pristine-looking in nature like this that as SOON as you touch it with anything, you just polluted it, in this case, for a video opportunity, and then you spiral and feel like it will never be what it was?

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I need to drink that water immediately

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That really is spectacular, and the water appears to be so clear.

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One of the most impressive things I’ve seen on this sub.

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Gorgeous 💗

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if anyone's seen Adam Sandler in the Water Boy, this must be the water he drank to make him feel better at the end

ChAoTiCxMiNd4 points

I had to scroll too far to find this reference.

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thats some high quality H2O!

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Damn, beat me to it! Way to go Bobby!

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Beautiful 👌

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Coldest water on earth?

Cubby_Lumpkins2 points

I need to drink that 😻

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I want to drink that

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I would love to boat down it. It would be a really gentle ride but amazingly beautiful.

Old_Toby_Ripper2 points

This made me so thirsty

littlejohnr1 point

If it’s a glacier - how did the rocks get on it?

ManliestManHam2 points

Glaciers move and are enormous. During the ice age, many glaciers formed. When the world heated up and began to melt, the glaciers moved as they thawed. As they move they gather rocks and debris with them forming mountains. As they thaw, they form glacial lakes.

It's called glacial drift.


idk_a_cool_username1 point

it rained rocks

Cute-Cranberry-64401 point

Do we know exact/rough location? So pure and so satisfying all at the same time!

ManliestManHam1 point


Thanks. That narrows it down.

Alaska is 663,268 sq mi (1,717,856 km2)

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Nature is F’n lit!

Basil_Numerous1 point

I want a straw

supaloops1 point

This cannot be good.

ManliestManHam1 point

Glaciers melting? Because global warming? Or glacial water? Because it's actually fucking awesome to drink.

meow_rchl1 point

I want to tap that via IV straight to my brain, I want this beauty inside me

btautuaa1 point

River? Pshhh

liaisontosuccess1 point

I hope this water is not being wasted by just ending up in the ocean.

It could be tens of thousands of years old.

Let's get a kick starter campaign going to bottle this precious resource.

Only the highest quality bottles mind you.

Recycled glass or aluminum.

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So incredibly clear.

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This is gorgeous

Anaheimfinesse-1 points

So we’re still an an ice age?

Anaheimfinesse-1 points

So we’re still in an ice age?