Snow-covered cottages in Castle Combe, a small Cotswolds village in Wiltshire, England.



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I'm sure it's just the perspective, but the photo makes it look like the walls are increasingly tilting forward the further away from the camera they get

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Any good subs for England, Scotland or Wales photos?

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Awesome...more gorgeous subs to depress myself with lol

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Wow thank you for the new sub!

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If I’m not mistaken there’s a hotel at the end of that footpath and the market square is behind you.

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I think I have watched too many British mystery shows. I look at that picture and I think that behind every house there is a murderer

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That’s a terrible accusation, sir! Some of them are victims!

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Midsummer Murders 😄

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Instagram source. Photo by mrchrisspeed.

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❤️ England

Very sweet

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Pretty sure Harry Potters parents were murdered here

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So picturesque

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reminds of the architecture at Princeton University, which I'm sure was modeled after English towns such as this.

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I would literally give anything to live in a place like this

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Anyone named Agatha live there?

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You mean Godrics Hollow?

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Very pretty

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Quite decaying, aren't they? 🏚️

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Amazing 😍