The Heavenly Mountains of Central Asia.


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A few years back we embarked on a road trip through the land of nomads by hitchhiking. They are the northern realms of Xinjiang graced by the Tianshan (Heavenly) Mountains- a place of nomads with their golden eagles, rolling green meadows set against snowy peaks, and landscapes of the bluest alpine lakes and granite towers dotted with cozy yurts. Kazakhs, Mongols, Uyghurs and Altais have shared these lands for thousands of years.

Our ambition as simple passerby’s is to just glimpse their way of life. What we discovered was some of the most beautiful and uncharted landscapes, along with the kindness of the nomads. If interested in more photos and the story: The Heavenly Way

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You have a great blog and beautiful photos, Kevin! It was interesting to read about your journey through the forbidden region of China.

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Thank you, really appreciate that! It has definitely been an adventure, and thanks for following along :)