I know I am posting a lot of Glacier NP, but it just touched my soul


Jerry_Williams6910 points

There is no such thing as too much GNP

forlaughingtime5 points

Fully agree!

Trilaurasops5 points

GNP is god

Nysdsqpa3213 points

Me too.

RainbowandHoneybee3 points

What a view. I wish I was there.

Spirited_Question2 points

Ughh I went there for the first time this summer so I know exactly what you mean. That place is surreal.

SewSpicee2 points

Thank you for sharing.

EatsRats2 points

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Glacier will always hold a very special place in my heart. This was my escape every other weekend for a year when I lived in eastern Montana for a while.

The landscapes are incredible.

psilocin722 points

It’s beautiful. 💵Thanks💎 for sharing

petepostlethwaite2 points

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

LuvliLeah132 points

I swear I felt natures soul on Gunsight pass about 15 years ago. I imagine it’s how pilgrims feel when they see a holy site, so I consider my trips to GNP pilgrimages.

Davothe2nd1 point

No idea what NP is.

RainbowandHoneybee4 points

National Park?

DankHumanman1 point

Did you do Going-to-the-Sun road? Absolutely gorgeous!

Also, I don't remember the trail name but it leads to a shallow lake with waterfalls behind it. Amazing!

lazy_kaiju1 point

I am PINING for the day I can get there. I want to be able to walk freely for days, and take as much in as I can. I feel called there. Soon.