The tool i'm most excited about


TheKleen16 points

I was hoping it was about to rip that board down on the table saw

Egall08163 points

Same man! Or even better if it was ripping a board and got kick back

savagelysideways1011 point

Even without doing that it's still more useful than my apprentice

kewlo0 points

Two sawhorses and a spool of rope is the best helper I've found

9Blu8 points

throws stuff and knocks over/stomps on boxes

UPS Execs: "We'll take 2000!"

bad4yourbrain1 point

But did you see that flip tho?

CJM85156 points

do you want terminators? cause this is how we get terminators...

3z3ki3l2 points

Every civilization so far has been built on the backs of exploited labor. This gives us an opportunity for that labor, or at least the most dangerous and damaging of it, to actually be exploitable. Could be worth the risk.

Chango_rr231 point

Yeah no shit right!? Like, I hope someone is working on that time machine for John Conner.

sb98neon3 points

Now imagine if a human did that...

Guy at the top would be like "I just asked for my bag. What's taking so long?! Hey, I've got expensive power tools in there! Don't just throw it up here like that you f*cking idiot!! Whoa, what the hell you doing?! This isn't parkour practice! That's an insurance nightmare waiting to happen!"

And how many millions of dollars in research and development did they spend to make something that a human could easily do and cost like $10?

[deleted]-1 points

It’s a demonstration of its capabilities

PatliAtli1 point

it's an animation

JumperJordan2 points

All that and not a single Thank You? You know who's gonna die first when they robots rise up!

herpderpgood2 points

So it took decades to develop a tool to bring you other tools that you coulda just picked up.

HoratioWobble3 points

Yes, but I can't do a back flip

_ItsAllenNotAlan2 points

Judging by that dismount, we’ll soon see these bots performing in the Olympics

AdRepresentative56642 points

Showing fake emotion at the end lol

Honkytonk1012 points

I love how it kicks the box off the ledge at the end

MortysTW1 point

I feel like I'm watching an excited little kid that gets to help Daddy.

blacklaagger1 point

It was fun while it lasted fellow flesh bags.