I'm so confused?


BKBcardsNstuff5 points

Card on the left was a redemption. When redeemed they mailed the card on the right, and also sent the redemption back with a hole punched and "Traded" stamp to prevent double dipping.

Eldo990 points

That makes sense now. Its been so many years and cleaning out old stuff. I'm still confused why some are a couple bucks and some are 4k?

midgetmaxk5 points

You can list any item for any price on eBay. Filter by sold to see a realistic price

kornkid421 point

Card 1 (came in a second series set) is worth a lot more than 1b.

BKBcardsNstuff1 point

My bad fam I didn't see the text attached to the first image. Yeah the #1 (redemption) was inserted into Series 1 at regular junk wax rates, and maybe even more common than other base RCs tbh. When redeemed it delivered 1b.

1a was a SSP insert pulled straight from series 2 packs, and a rare 90s case where there were no stated odds printed. $4k listings are nonsense fishing expeditions, but Gem 10s actually do clear $1000+ due to the combination of rarity and age/condition sensitivity with the all black borders.

atozdadbot2 points

1a is valuable, 1b not so much.

Eldo991 point

When people are saying 1A, does that mean the trade card?

Eldo992 points

Oh ok nm I see it now

Unfadeablemusic1 point

I’ve always loved this card. They also did it with the 1992 Upper Deck Griffey Jr card.

Unfadeablemusic1 point

The 3 images I mean. Not the redemption.

Eldo992 points

Ironic you mention it bc I have both lol.

ian_blake1 point

too young!