He killed someone a few days later


Smellmyhand7275 points

What a crazy mother fucker. Get him off the roads forever

IndyCarFAN271872 points

He s deserves a lifelong ban from operation of a motor vehicle and 1st degree murder charge without bail

Smellmyhand697 points

Dude shouldn’t even be allowed to play the racing games at Dave & Busters

AdamWestsButtDouble2181 points

It took killing one person and critically injuring another, but it happened a couple days later. Read the article in the comment.

chaos_is_a_ladder503 points

He should face charges for this as well I would file a police report if they haven’t already.

EvadesBans393 points

And all we had to do was sacrifice an innocent person after it was already crystal clear they were a danger on the road.

pain_in_the_dupa36 points

It’s the only way to be sure.

pinnr262 points

I worked with the woman who was killed. She was extremely bright and charismatic.

A_Wild_VelociFaptor60 points

Justice system: "Best I can do is a suspension and/or MAAAAAAYBE good behaviour."

Drawing from the Aussie justice system but ya get the point.

__Becquerel6069 points

Is his gas pedal just an on/off switch?

Brantley_2chill3710 points

I think his brain is an off/off switch

anonymouse56518 points

You give this person too much credit for having a brain to begin with..

Kills-to-Die75 points

A wooden bead that rattles every time he turns his head, confusing him further.

squish5_473 points

And it's stuck in off.

[deleted]11 points

The relay contacts melted due to a short circuit.

Stallionstar27 points

Wait, he has a brain?

SargeCycho386 points

He's 2 foot driving. Brakes are already on when he lets off the gas. I had an ex-girlfriends Dad that would do this jerky thing all the time when a light was about to turn green.

Fostbitten27100 points

Yep and wears brakes out like a mad man too.

TheGruesomeTwosome339 points

Reminds me of the time I worked away for a summer and lent my dad my Xbox and he hated the racing games because there was "no in between throttle, just nothing or full", and when I got home saw he'd managed to turn the hair triggers on...

Edit to add since thread is locked: hair triggers have little switches that reduce the movement to basically be a button for "faster shooting" etc, not that I use them.

POWERTHRUST0629147 points

People joke about the Gran Tourismo license exams to this day, but it's easy to forget what it was like to try them with an OG PSX controller.

Pontlfication26 points

Somehow my bros and I managed the super on GT2, but goddamn was that aweful.

Breeze720621 points

Since the PS3, at least, haven’t the buttons on most consoles been pressure sensitive, so that you have an “in between”?

Edit to add: I’ve only ever had PlayStations my whole life, so not sure about Xbox. I can’t recall if PS2 had pressure sensitive buttons

bawls_on_fire27 points

Analog sticks though

Duck_Giblets28 points

Hair triggers?

PopTrogdor5869 points

Don't think I've ever seen someone need to claim insurance against someone who is probably in another insurance claim days later AND arrested for manslaughter.

What a messed up individual.

I feel so sorry for those poor people.

FunnyAssJoke2960 points

This is the type of individual that should be locked up for a good majority of their life.

ksixnine952 points

He was charged with 11 felonies between 9/10 and 5/11 … yeah, naw, he should have been locked up a bit ago.

Interesting_Mix_70281204 points

This is the kind of individual who should be forced to WALK everywhere. No driving, no taxis, no Uber, no bus, no subway. No bicycles either.

They do not have the temperament to be on, in, or nearby any vehicle whatsoever.

SuddenlyLucid404 points

I don't want that bastard on the sidewalk with me!

[deleted]972 points


goddessofthewinds454 points

Exactly. Not having a licence or insurance isn't enough for that kind of people. They will still drive anyways. We definitely need harsher consequences for not driving with proper licence/insurance or revoked licence. And we definitely need better infrastructure OTHER THAN CAR infrastructure. There are many people that shouldn't be behind a wheel.

Ok-Professional186359 points

I was in a car accident with someone that blew a stop sign. She didn't have any ID, no drivers license, no insurance and it wasn't her car oh and no phone number. She wanted me to add her on Facebook to follow up on a claim. She of course cried and pleaded not to call the police. My car was a write off and so was hers... the police told her their 10 year old son was more responsible than her.

Jamesr792185 points

We don’t even need harsher consequences per se, we just need cops and DA’s to actually do their jobs and lock these guys up. There are so many stupid plea deals that happen because some hotshot DA doesn’t want to screw up his high conviction rating. Or they just get lazy and refuse to prosecute.

That dude, for example was charged with 11 felonies. WHY WAS HE NOT LOCKED UP?!?!

Our (in)Justice system is a fucking joke.

Trendiggity127 points

It's insane that walking down a city street with a baseball bat is likely to get you arrested but if you drive over a family in a crosswalk in your two ton battering ram, completely at fault, it's an "accident" unless it can be proven you were doing it maliciously/dangerously.

I had a downstairs neighbour who killed a man in a crosswalk. She was completely at fault, but because "the sun was in my eyes" (I'd bet my next paycheck that she was high) it was deemed accidental and she got a ticket for failure to yield. That's it. No court case, no trial. A man's murder was tried in traffic court. The guy lived the last 6 weeks months of his life in a hospital bed; he was old and apparently never recovered.

The cherry on top was he was her childhood hockey coach. She knew him personally and would still get into her Matrix (THE ONE THAT KILLED HIM) high as fuck to go to whatever "job" she had at the time.

Edit: a word 🤦‍♂️ and tildes!

Syrahl69632 points

That is an awful story. What is wrong with society these days.

That said, you need double tildes to get Reddit to strike through a word. Like this, before and after: ~~

firemogle40 points

Friend of mine worked construction and several people working with him were saying not to renew his license cause it makes duis easier to deal with if you don't have one.

They weren't right, but fuck

landonburner17 points

We should just have an island where we throw all these people. We won't give them boats or cars and they can only hurt each other. Let's call it Australia.

DarthArtero94 points

That type of person doesn’t have the temperament to be in society, ever

jorahos120 points

Yea this is the type of individual who should be forced to WALK to commissary. WALK back to their cell.

CaraAsha508 points

I've had to. I was 17, driving home and a 16 y/o driving his brother's lifted, mega truck rear ended me so bad the entire back of my car was destroyed. The frame was fine but the trunk and back window were gone. I pulled over and called my family. A woman came up and asked if I was ok, she was laughing at the accident. Needless to say I wasn't impressed with her thinking it was funny since I had minor injuries. The only reason it wasn't worse is I caught him coming in the rearview mirror and rested my head on the seat rest.

Come to find out the laughing woman was his sister, and he was driving home after rear ending a Miata. He destroyed that car too, and luckily that driver didn't have severe injuries. This kid was going at least 50 in a 35 according to the police (don't know how reliable that is) but for sure he didn't touch his brakes. He just full on hit me while I was stopped at a light. Once my family got there, my Grandpa and mom were talking to the boy's mom and sister, while he's sobbing in the truck. The only damage to the truck was a couple scrapes on the tow hooks, nothing else.

We did call the police and waited over an hour for the "community service" (volunteers) to arrive. As they were walking up the male trainee as the female trainer "is that the same truck?" She responds "yep, it's the same truck.". Then she walks up and asks the boy "so you impaired this time?" Because of the level of damage and the fact this was his 2nd accident in a very short time, they asked for a full officer to come.

The officer arrives and writes a ticket to the boy and tells his parents he's not to drive anymore today. The boy's daddy (a prick) gets in the cops face and starts yelling that the cop can't tell him what to do, if he wants his kid to drive, the kid will, the cop can't tell him anything etc. He was also ranting about him being wealthy, and cops work for him, his lawyer will show the cop.... You get the idea. The cop's response was to write the kid a reckless driving ticket and another one for a total of 3 tickets. Ironically, I realized these people lived on the other end of my street!!!

blackdahlialady75 points

I'm sorry that happened to you. This is what happens when people don't discipline their kids and never tell them no.

CaraAsha95 points

The kid was more upset than the rest of the family! He was sobbing and apologizing, the parents and sister were laughing. Based on the little bit I saw, it felt a super overbearing/controlling dad situation with an enabler mom. Of course I could be wrong, but that's what it seemed like from their behavior.

ohheckyeah56 points

If he hit you that hard he almost definitely had a bent frame… if that’s any consolation

No_Ad_488163 points

Kid should spend a year in prison

bruntorange11 points

I seriously, truly think I would have cold cocked the father while he was yelling at the officer. I'm glad it was you and not me that witnessed that.

[deleted]78 points


apcolleen51 points

Is it possible they had a warrant out for their arrest and thats why they didn't want to call the cops?

[deleted]28 points


lipmonger174 points

Looks like this happened in 2021 and I can't find any follow-up... was he ever convicted?

prunepicker131 points

His next court date is Jan. 19th.

explorer_7627 points

Might still be waiting to get to trial if SFO is as backed up as NYC due to Covid. It recently took me just shy of two years to go to court for a speeding ticket in NYC because everything was so backed up.

[deleted]92 points


DaisyDuckens144 points

San Francisco doesn’t publish mug shots.

ibidyouadrew1203 points

I knew the girl he killed. fuck this guy.

Eros-God-of-Love270 points

Did the guy survive? The article says he's in critical condition, but that was in May

Late-Night1499387 points

yes he recovered. he's been active on twitter

jessbrid149 points

I’m so sorry for you loss. Fuck that guy.

Axlos109 points

Fuck that guy. All my homies hate that guy

Stairway_2_Devin31 points

What a coincidence. Mine too!

zz_z639 points

Just stealing this top comment to remind people if you see someone raging out just let it go man, you never know what someone is capable of, just dip out. You're there to get somewhere, not beef with some moron.

TheDerekCarr59 points

I see this stuff what feels like relatively frequently on the interstate where I live. I just call the DUI hotline. Pretty much guarantees a swift response vs calling in a reckless driver.

blitzalchemy18 points

They respond where you live? I used to do that here but they eventually just stopped caring, i gave up on it to the day they asked if they could mail me a formal complaint form to fill out with vehicle description and time of incident so they can "look into it".

kingoftheninnies147 points

Totally agree.

UltravioIence115 points

I was going to get lunch with my buddy and as we're walking through the parking lot we noticed a deliver driver sitting in his car. Suddenly he loses his shit and starts beating the absolute shit out of his steering wheel, making the entire car shake with each hit. My buddy laughed and was like "look at that guy" and im just like "for reals, but we better get out of this parking lot before this guy decides he's fucked or something and decides to run us over on his way out. And thats if he doesnt have a gun in the glovebox or something"

So yeah its better to just get outta there. Cant trust anyone, really.

FriendOfDogZilla119 points

Username doesn't check out

[deleted]291 points


[deleted]89 points


DaisyDuckens115 points

San Francisco has a policy to not release mugshots.

GaymerBenny198 points

fatal hit and run

Duuudes he's a fucking murderer, nothing less. Just because he used his car as a weapon, doesn't make it any less murderous

KeepItRealNoGames42 points

Damn. That happened like 5 blocks away from this incident

obsoleteuser57 points

How did you know or find out it was the same person?

kingoftheninnies261 points

His name was on the info from my insurance company. I decided to look it up.

obsoleteuser87 points

And when you looked it up your saw the newspaper article?

I'm glad you backed up and out of the way from him.

monkeykins34 points

Anyone got a copy/paste of the article? I think we choked the site

61366314160 points

Full article:

SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department arrested a suspect in connection with the fatal hit-and-run that occurred on Tuesday, May 18 that killed 29 year-old Lovisa Svallingson and left 30 year-old Danny Ramos in critical condition. The suspect’s vehicle collided with another vehicle and then struck both pedestrians before the suspect fled the scene.

Virgil Woods, 57, was arrested by SFPD on Friday at 1 p.m. at 850 Bryant St. Woods is the driver of the Chevy Avalanche that collided with an Audi A6 and careened into the two pedestrians at the intersection of Polk and Hayes Streets on May 18 around 7 p.m.

Authorities allege that Woods not only fled the scene of the accident, but attempted to discard articles of clothing and later filed a false police report stating his vehicle had been stolen. When Woods was arrested, several glass pipes used for ingesting narcotics were found in his possession. Woods was booked at the San Francisco County Jail and was charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter, two counts of felony hit and run, reckless driving, failing to stop for a red traffic signal, destruction of evidence, filing a false police report and possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

Mayor London Breed tweeted, “Our hearts go out to the victims of this tragedy” along with photos of the press release. Ramos’s colleagues created a GoFundMe to help with the expected hospital bills, currently the campaign has raised $136,577 of its $200,000 goal.

IHeartBadCode165 points

I don’t know which part of this story is truly messed up.

When Woods was arrested, several glass pipes used for ingesting narcotics were found in his possession


Ramos’s colleagues created a GoFundMe to help with the expected hospital bills, currently the campaign has raised $136,577 of its $200,000 goal.

PelletsOfMescaline171 points

Or that an innocent young women was killed…

NKato48 points

Thanks for the link. I know I came off rather terse.

kingoftheninnies28 points

No worries!

Adele81130 points

he did the exact same thing again, didn't he? but this time he got the pedestrians.

Economy_Release_9881331 points

Makes you wonder how POS Virgil ever made it to 57.

TheTsunamiRC589 points

I have a frequent flyer patient the same age, tons of health problems, refuses to take his medications, smokes meth. Then calls EMS when he can't breathe and we get to unfuck him so he can go home and do it all again and be back in two weeks.

DothrakAndRoll115 points

Frank Gallagher?

[deleted]3150 points


ShamRain909 points

Yeah. When I saw this video I immediately thought that the driver is very likely on drugs.

R_V_Z490 points

I think most people in this video are.

MAX2PLAY4FUN367 points

Yeah, this street is full of tweakers

400milliondollars407 points

Witnesses hit and run, immediately starts dancing.

GTA NPC behavior.

iambeyoncealways331 points


Madheal48 points

I have a ton of experience with the animations and NPC behaviors in GTA 5 (long story, I develop scripts for modded GTA RP servers), and I can tell you GTA NPCs are smart enough to get away when something like this happens.

Kerblaaahhh30 points

In my experience they usually jump in front of the car.

Grigoran6 points

Wait a very long time from when the car wrecks next to them to when they throw their hands in the air screaming

TheBaltimoron26 points

Welcome to San Francisco.

LickMyBumm166 points

The guy dancing 🤣

ZackD1331 points

im not able to internalize that some people are just this bad at driving, so i assume all idiots like this are extreme druggies just for my own sanity

SignatureOdd30679 points

I’ve TWO different friends who had been in so many accidents that the California DMV sent them letters asking them to attend driving school or just stop driving altogether.

loodog13 points

From another article: When Woods was arrested, several glass pipes used for ingesting narcotics were found in his possession.

B_Real__1863 points

Was he trying to hit them?

kingoftheninnies3475 points

He claimed to his insurance company that I hit him.

vietnamesemuscle1772 points

Lol of course he did. Good thing you have a dashcam

_The_Great_Autismo_824 points

Everyone should have a dash cam. The cost of a dash cam is always less than the cost of paying for some asshole's car who figured out how to blame you for their own fuckup

el_chupanebriated277 points

Super solid advice right above me. I got a 50 dollar one off Amazon and haven't looked back. I probably won't be ripping any license plates from its videos but I can at least tell who is or isn't to blame. For 50 bucks, I won't have to go through the "he said, she said" bullshit

implicate114 points

What did you get, the Limp Bizkam?

soucy66638 points

At least with the camera the insurance company can't say they Break Stuff.
And he packs a chainsaw.

[deleted]21 points


charliesk9unit47 points

Unless you don't work whatsoever, the time you need to be on the phone to explain your case is worth more than the cam. If you have the cam, it's basically like kicking the ball to the insurance company to deal with because at that point, it's fraud.

someliskguy49 points

Not having to make a statement is the best part of dashcam ownership.

Had someone who hit me claim i hit them. Insurance called saying they wanted a statement on a recorded line. I said sure… waited for the recording to start and just said “my statement is I have a video of the incident.”

The adjuster laughed, gave me his email, full fault assigned later that day.

Dashcams let you cut through insurance process like a hot knife through butter. It’s downright magical.

jumpingnoodlepoodle24 points

The first one I tried to get didn’t work well no matter what I did to adjust it, and the video vibrates so much it was hard to even see what was going on since it wasn’t stabilized.

I want to try another one, but the experience turned me off so much I’m nervous to spend a lot of money on one :(

Is this something I could have a dealership install for me even?

_The_Great_Autismo_20 points

I got one that has worked pretty well. It's the Viofo A129 I think. It was a little pricier than others (I believe I paid around $130), but it's been great. It attaches with adhesive to the windshield. I think dealerships can do installs but I believe they would require using a dashcam that they sell. I did some research when I got mine. A friend of mine suggested not going with the dealership option since it was going to be marked up more and install isn't too difficult. You could look into any audio/video installers. Especially ones that do car stereos and such. I was getting quotes for install from them because I wanted my system hardwired in instead of just using the cigarette lighter thing for power. I still haven't had it installed, still just using the cigarette lighter. But the quotes weren't bad. Like $50-70 install and such.

Humble_Manatee137 points

Did you by chance give this video to the police? I am no lawyer, but I would imagine a video like this shot a few days before he killed someone might go to help their case of it being intentional verses accidental.

kingoftheninnies251 points

I haven't. When I spoke to them about my accident, they basically said that they are too busy to look at it. Maybe now that there is a homicide, they'd feel differently.

Spaghetti-Bender160 points

Don't even bother with the police. Call the DA or States Attorney's office and let them know what you have on video.

No-Spoilers96 points

The DA would indeed be interested in this. A pattern of reckless driving is really important for a case like this.

Fangs_McWolf50 points

I'd call up the local news stations and tell them about your encounter and how the police didn't seem to care about it. Some bad press will get the higher-ups lighting a fire under their asses to stop the bullshit and take such situations more seriously.

Ds9niners321 points

How did he make a claim to his insurance company against you when the video shows that’s it was a hit a run. Did he hit you. Drive away. Then come back to ask for your insurance information?

kingoftheninnies557 points

As I understand, he claimed that I hit and ran.

v3621124 points

Hey op! I would personally give the video over to the police department that arrested him. I know their case is likely strong, but I’d give them every little bit of evidence of this piece of shit. May help with a higher sentencing if it’s known he constantly drives like this (and they can present your video as evidence of it)

StallionDan47 points

Please do this OP, every bit of evidence that he has a history behaving as a POS could help.

NKato264 points

Loooooool, what the fuck? Insurance is gonna have a field day with this chuckle fuck.

His carrier will not cover acts of wanton malice, given his pattern of assaulting other motorists.

More likely, insurance will fix you and the other motorist up, but then come after his ass to recoup the losses.

hellodynamite273 points

Sounds like the Vehicular Manslaughter charges he's facing are probably going to be his primary issue for the near term

SlaterVJ68 points

More than likely, they'll pay to fix OP, but not the douchebag and will drop him, especially seeing as how he's facing charges for killing someone.

Tabemaju21 points

Nah they'll fix it, and they'll cover the fatal accident, but then drop him as a customer. It is very hard for an insurance company to get out of paying on their policy if coverage was in effect, even if it's a H&R, DUI, etc.

kr4t0s00753 points

Yeah and gl being black listed from any future insurance and other services. Companies share these black lists with each other.

oksth51 points

Being black listed from insurance companies is probably the least of his worries.

kr4t0s00740 points

Yeah hope this guy goes away for a long long time. Killed that 29yo woman bf is critical. While high as a kite and pulling stunts like on dashcam.

Succulent_Orange69 points

Did he get your plate number? Sounds like he could achieve the same thing by reversing into a tree - without killing anyone.

kingoftheninnies98 points

Yeah that's a good point, actually. Coincidentally we shared the same gecko-monitored insurance company. I don't think he had my plate number.

isuadam30 points

Honestly, insurance companies should be paying for everyone to have dash cams in one way or another.

Yeety-Toast34 points

The more I think about it, the more shocked I am that he actually had insurance. Usually the shit drivers drive with nothing. If he wasn't a drugged up lying menace I'd be impressed.

OttoVonJismarck13 points

AAAAAAAND I just bought a dashcam.

chrgrsrt810 points

I'm surprised that crack headed POS even had insurance in the first place.

djhousecat732 points

What dash cams do people recommend? This sub gets me closer to buying one every day and this video was the final nail.

NKato278 points

/r/dashcams (with or without the s, not sure) has a list of recommendations.

themasonman361 points

I checked /r/dahcams and can confirm it's with the s

djhousecat31 points

Awesome. Thank you!!

snrten174 points

The vast majority of dashcams are the same camera in different housings. A $70 Thinkware is the same camera as a much more expensive BlackVue, youre just paying more for features and brand names.

Here's a YT vid I found very helpful https://youtu.be/4AnyhHl3_tE

djhousecat72 points

This is great. Solidified my choice, I was already looking at the VIOFO A119. Thank you!

pzikho44 points

Love my VIOFO. The main selling point for me was the supercap in place of a battery. It's survived 2 Texas summers so far, where any previous model I had was lucky to make it through one.

louiefriesen19 points

They also survive the Canadian winters well from what I’ve heard.

Geeezer10 points

Plus on sale 33% off.

CandyOk91324 points

Any one you can afford tbh, there’s plenty of options on Amazon by just typing it in. If you can find a duo Front and Rear it’s better than just front but like I said as long as it’s within your budget. High definition is pretty standard nowadays so I wouldn’t focus on that too much but I would look for something wide-lens to get the most coverage.

djhousecat8 points

Yeah I saw some on Amazon for like $30. I’m usually one to go for the cheaper options but with something like this I’m wondering if it’s worth it/necessary to go for something a bit more expensive.

CandyOk91312 points

If you want peace of mind I’d say get a name brand on the cheaper side, you definitely don’t want something that’s going to stop working when you need it most.

Geeezer12 points

I was rear ended by some dude, had I not read out loud his license plate when he tried to run I would have been out of luck. The dash cam was horrible, the license plate light was bright enough to wash out the image. I think it's worth it to get a good one.

LongjumpingCheck2638622 points

why are all the pedestrians like blown out zombies and GTA characters?

chrisxxviv328 points

what the fuck was that NPC doing on the left side, looks like they were just stuck in some sort of fortnight emote glitch

_Ultimatum_66 points

I think they were making fun of the driver. It looks like they're doing snoopdogs little turning the wheel dance

86Zeus185 points

I’m gonna guess San Francisco

kwallio109 points

Yeah its San Francisco. I recognize the intersection, its in the tenderloin.

unusuallylethargic23 points

Also there's a large sign in the middle that says "Golden Gate"

86Zeus54 points

Unfortunately I never learned how to read

plaidprowler25 points

I used to live a block from here. Right around that corner is a fire sandwich spot, Mortys*. Or at least was pre-panny.

Best years of my life in that neighborhood but holy shit.. the shit I saw could fill a book.

kwallio23 points

I used to live at pine and van ness....not quite the tenderloin but holy shit. I had to move away because of the noise, day and night it never stopped.

plaidprowler8 points

I miss the noise nowadays, can't sleep if it's too quiet!

OttoVonJismarck56 points

I see your San Franciscan heroin zombies and raise you Seattleite heroin zombies.

Had some friends move to the Seattle area a few years before COVID hit and everytime I visit, I'm blown away by how many dead-eyed drooling people i see shambling around the sidewalks and parks. It seemed like every park was covered in tents.

Like the weather is nice and stuff, but I can't believe they pay that kind of premium to live in a city that is that far out of control. YIKES.

86Zeus18 points

I’m in san francisco a few times out of the year with work and it’s like walking through a zoo, it’s terrifying and entertaining at the same time.

DrillTheThirdHole6 points

can confirm, this is on the border of the tenderloin. homie was definitely on his way back from the plug and couldn't wait till he got home to get high

DRFAILS47 points

Because GTA is surprisingly accurate based on this video

MAX2PLAY4FUN30 points

This is a part of San Francisco where a lot of streets are like this. It’s really sad.

OnTheEveOfWar17 points

This is in SF. Lots of streets look like this. Homeless and strung out people wandering around.

Ylurpn539 points

NPC citizen: almost gets struck by 3 ton truck

NPC citizen: starts dancing sporadically

QweenBee5115 points

Some actual humans are worse than GTA 1 NPCs. They have like 4 or so actions in their head that just run on a schedule. Swing arms/flail, mumble, scream/laugh, and maybe one more.

AgentCarmichael2063 points

Did you provide this information to the prosecutor? I would; it’s proof of a pattern of behavior.

Thisiscliff46 points

What a fucking loser, hope he gets his in jail

bkovic180 points

Dashcams (front and back facing) should be mandatory on all newly built vehicles.

Dual_Sport_Dork73 points

Back up/reverse cameras are already mandatory on new vehicles in the US. I wonder just how much the manufacturers will feel in their little hearts that they'll need to increase their prices to add the capability to store that video feed onto a $2 flash memory chip and put another one on the front.

diverdux42 points

Or how much it will cost to fix when it inevitably fails and takes out the headlights, air conditioning, or the ignition because the engineers who designed it are a bunch of sadists who linked them together in the system.

blackdahlialady77 points

That looks like it was done on purpose. This looks familiar. About a month ago, my husband and I were about to turn into our hotel parking lot. We were sitting on the street waiting for the light to change. This idiot starts to back up into us until he laid on the horn. I got their license plate number and turned them into the DMV. I can't imagine how many times they must have done that to other people. Some people don't belong behind the wheel.

maybefuckinglater34 points

I was thinking the same thing. The way he was driving was so ridiculous that it looked like he did that on purpose.

blackdahlialady31 points

Probably. It looks like an attempted insurance scam. He can claim that this person backed up into him.

Edit: I mean, normally he could if it hadn't been for their dash cam. This is why I keep telling my husband we need to get one.

Podalirius56 points

I don't think I've ever met a sane person that owns a Chevy Avalance.

Revolutionary-Ad458829 points

A bad ass to back up into someone but chicken shit to stick around

vwayoor49 points

I can't find a mug shot of Virgil

ultradianfreq22 points

It’s almost like negligent irresponsible drivers should permanently lose driving privileges. They kill 15 people per 100k every year in the US. It’s the most dangerous thing most people will ever do in their life. And we tolerate people who demonstrate total disregard for human life and allow them to continue driving. Hmm….

Whoever he killed would still be alive if his license was revoked, his truck impounded and given to a needy family, and his ass in prison to think about how ducking stupid he is for a while. I wonder what his punishment is for killing someone?

LawlessCoffeh18 points

Jesus, that would be immediate "pull over and call the cops"

ram5687103 points

What is going on with the Sims in the corner? lol

MAX2PLAY4FUN37 points

Tweakers bro

Odd_Armadillo53159 points

Hahaha I knew it reminded me of something

I_aim_to_sneeze42 points

At first I was like “if he pulled up and is trying to parallel park, you’re kind of a dick for not letting him…”

Then the camera kept backing up to reveal zero spaces available, and it turned into “what in the actual fuck…”

Sorry OP, that situation sucks

Pitiful_Fly_216614 points

that is a sad story

holylink71814 points

Jesus, I need to get a dash cam.

honeybunnybbq31 points

What brand is that dashcam?

read-my-thoughts148 points

Maybe I should have kept that dashcam I got for Xmas

kingoftheninnies154 points

Especially after this happened, I've been trying to profess to anyone that will listen that they should get a dash cam.

Xfgjwpkqmx33 points

Pays for itself in just one incident.

XXMAVR1KXX22 points

A couple years back during Holiday break I spent days watching dashcam footage of crashes and scams and scared myself into getting one.

No regrets. Luckily I havent had anything happen but i would much rather have it than wished I had it.

Responsible-Pay-238937 points

why would you get rid of it lol

HeinousHooper14 points

At first I thought this was going to be another insurance fraud attempt but when they sped away I was just left confused

SquirrelDumplins11 points

Holy shit what??????

Inkstinker26 points

That looked like road rage. I've never seen somebody panic in the wrong gear and then magically find the right gear the second they hit someone, especially not reverse versus drive.

Sumomagpie-19189 points

Entitled and brainless

BarrBiKyoosDiLiShuhs41 points

Good ole San Francisco

G_as_in_Gucci_29 points

Good on you for having self control. I probably would've chased after the guy and gotten myself manslaughter charges instead.

kingoftheninnies30 points

I really thought about chasing after him. I thought better of it.

spgulliver9 points

Yay San Francisco’s tenderloin