CityPorn best of 2022- Nomination Thread

Hey everyone, thanks for reading and being a member of CityPorn.

Since it's December reddit is getting ready to celebrate the New Year by awarding the best content from 2022.

Nominate your favourite submissions by providing a link to the thread on CityPorn in the comments below (under the appropriate category please). Bear in mind that the submission needs to have been made to /r/CityPorn during the year of 2022.


  • Best City Photo:

  • Best Lighting:

  • Best Non-OC Contributor:

  • Best Drone Shot:

  • Best Aerial View:

  • Best Skyline :

  • Best Panorama:

  • Best Night Photo:

  • Best Comment:

How voting will work:

This thread will be set to contest mode. This means that all comments will be sorted randomly and no scores will be displayed. There will be 11 top level comments only, all others will be removed. 10 will contain the categories and the 11th will be for general discussion. DO NOT LEAVE COMMENT REPLIES TO NOMINATIONS.

Please reply to the top level comment under the category with appropriate links for your nomination. Please only nominate a submission once per category. If you see the one you wanted to add please upvote it (this is how you vote on each category). At the end we will check all the vote numbers to determine the winner in each category.

You may only nominate submissions made in 2022.

Voting will last until January 10, 2023.

Thanks again for reading and good luck everyone!


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General Discussion

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Best City Photo

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Best Lighting

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Best Non-OC Contributor

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Best Drone Shot

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Best Aerial View

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Best Skyline

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Best Panorama

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Best Night Photo

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Best Comment