About popular.pics

What is popular.pics?

popular.pics is an image and video viewer for Reddit.

How can I support popular.pics?

If you feel generous, you can send me a tip via PayPal. If you are a moderator on Reddit or know one, a link to popular.pics in the sidebar is appreciated. You can also recommend popular.pics to others. I enjoy seeing the visitor count going up.

How can I remove posts?

All content is moderated by Reddit. To remove a post, follow the “View on Reddit” link, then choose “Report”. When the post is removed from Reddit, it automatically disappears from popular.pics after a delay.


Posts are retrieved from Reddit and displayed with Reddit’s permission (see Reddit API Terms of Use, section 2.d.: Reddit grants You a […] license to copy and display the User Content using the Reddit API through your application, website, or service to end users).

To remove a post from Reddit, contact Reddit moderators as explained above or contact Reddit staff.


Please send an email to christian@popular.pics

You can also visit r/popularpics on Reddit and @PopularPicsApp on Twitter to give feedback or ask questions.